Caelus Health


Caelus Health is an Amsterdam-based biotech company developing an entirely new class of Microbiome Therapeutics for the reduction of insulin resistance and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) in people with metabolic syndrome.

The company is dedicated to the commercialisation of functional food and pharmabiotic products for the prevention and early treatment of cardio metabolic diseases – based on the strong correlation between the intestinal microbiome and health.

Caelus Health builds on the experience of leading scientists in this field and is one of the very few companies that can effectively capture the value of Microbiome Therapeutics through their solid preclinical and early-stage clinical development approaches.




the start


Intellectual Property

on Microbiota-based concepts for prevention and early treatment of T2DM.


Inception Caelus

from Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam and Wageningen University in the Netherlands.


Proof of concept

of the lead product E. hallii in a clinical trial in Metabolic Syndrome showing increased insulin sensitivity. This implies reduced risk of developing diabetes.


Phase II Clinical trial

of E. hallii. Formulation developed. Preperation for scaling up.



Development of a range of microbiota based products for the prevention and early treatment of T2DM.

Type II

Diabetes Mellitus

The increased prevalence of obesity is a worldwide problem that is not one of famine or infection, but one of surplus. Obesity is associated with several conditions, the most serious of which is type 2 diabetes (T2DM). At the year 2000  over 170 million individuals were estimated to have diabetes, and this is expected to increase to over 350 million by 2030.

Both obesity and T2DM are associated with insulin resistance and the development of metabolic syndrome (MetS). The past decade has seen major advances in our understanding of the relationship between obesity, insulin resistance, T2DM and MetS. However, despite all efforts and newly developed drugs to treat these disorders, the prevalence of T2DM is still increasing. There is a major need for more successful prevention and more effective treatment with better safety profiles.

More about T2DM on www.who.int


The following products are in Caelus’ product portfolio:

  1.  CP-001:  E. hallii – Oral formulation to reduce insulin resistance in people with MetS and to prevent the development of T2DM
  2.  CP-002:  Intestinimonas – Oral formulation for reduction of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) in people with MetS and T2DM


Phase 1 (2015 - 16)

Safety, Dose-ranging & Efficacy

Phase 2A (2017 - 18)

Efficacy new formulation

Phase 2B (2018 - 19)

Double blind, placebo controlled

Phase 3 (> 2019)

Large population study



The company is managed by Luc Sterkman, CEO and Jos Seegers, operational manager.
Luc Sterkman, MD has an extensive track record in the life sciences industry, including senior management positions in biotech, food and pharma industry.

Jos Seegers holds a PhD in molecular biology and has broad experience in research, development and operations management in the biotech industry.

The company was founded by prof. Willem de Vos from Wageningen University and prof. Max Nieuwdorp from the Amsterdam Medical Centre, who both hold a position in the Scientific Advisory Board.



Caelus Health is a Dutch life sciences company dedicated to developing a new class of products to increase the sensitivity for insulin and aiming to delay the onset of Type 2 Diabetes in people who are overweight and have an increased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. Our products are based on a natural approach derived from the microorganism (microbiota) in the gut. Our products are still in clinical development and cannot yet be prescribed by doctors or cannot yet be purchased.



Caelus Health is een Nederlands life sciences bedrijf dat zich richt op de ontwikkeling van een nieuwe klasse producten die de gevoeligheid voor insuline vergroten. Daarmee zouden deze producten mogelijk de kans op het ontstaan van Type 2 diabetes bij mensen met overgewicht en het optreden van hart- en vaatziekten kunnen verkleinen. De producten zijn gebaseerd op een natuurlijke benadering die is afgeleid van onze darmbacteriën. Deze producten worden op dit moment getest in klinisch onderzoek en kunnen nog niet door artsen worden voorgeschreven en kunnen nog niet worden gekocht.